Sunday, August 10, 2008 Could UDO Be The Next Killer App?

Interesting story by Mark Dykeman, would like to find out more about where UDO is in development. I believe he's referring to the Internet of Things. Could UDO Be The Next Killer App?


Mark Dykeman - Broadcasting Brain said...

Hi there. Just to be perfectly clear about this: I was writing a speculative post. There is no actual product of this type named UDO that I am aware of. Other companies may be working on this sort of thing, but I wasn't aware of their existance, or what they were doing, at the time that I wrote my post. I was just trying to identify a potentially useful application.


Mark Dykeman

eshock said...

Thanks Mark,
Its an excellent meme and an application that I am constantly refining. So, it was exciting for me to know that others shared this vision. Any time you would like to expand on it, I'd be happy to chime in.