Thursday, September 25, 2008

Must see viral vid

Sarah may have dumped Jimmy, but she scores a KO with this completely funny yet sincere appeal for Jewish grandkids to schlep to Florida to canvas their Nanas.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin Revelation: The same Third Wave documented in "Jesus Camp"

First of all, for those interested, there is comprehensive detail on Governor Palin's Assembly of God church at the following link...Again, the bloggers over at TP Zoo put together a doozy.

Crazy ministers? How about one that administered a Witch Hunt in Kenya. Meet Bishop Muthee. How about that YouTube video where the Guv prays for God's pipeline dreams? She and here Lt. Guv were blessed by the "laying of the hands" which makes it totally cool that they flew back to Wasilla on the State's dime. Her rambling speech where she must mention "Alaska" more than 30 times was to graduates of the Master's Commission. Yes, training for Christ's Warriors, the Third Wave. Watch the compilation video from the Huffington Post's Bruce Wilson...

Palin's Churches, Thomas Muthee, Witchcraft and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.

We are a troubled nation. Truth has been obscured for quite some time now. I respect all people's quest for spiritual understanding. Training for Holy War is just not a future I want for my children. I have to ask rhetorically, "What would Jesus shoot?"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ZOMG Republican Delegate from Colorado telling it like it is.

He's rather hawkish and seems unaware that Link.TV is actually a Liberal media outlet. It's kind of tragicomic. The host does a great job asking follow-up questions. Fascinating time capsule that deserves to be preserved for posterity.

Now, the Karmic funniness is that this tool was slipped a roofie and robbed by a prostitute for $120k. Who walks around with $120k, in Minneapolis? Randy Moss never blinged as hard. Read More...
Gabriel Nathan Schwartz, 29, a single attorney from Denver, told police he met the woman in a bar and took her to his room at the new Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oasis gets bumrushed in Toronto

Apparently still pissed at the Gallagher brothers for claiming to be better than the Beatles, footage of an assault on them on stage. Crowd cheers.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Off-shore drilling reality

From Slate's Curse of the Black Gold.

Who has received the oil wealth in Nigeria? Not the people who live there. They struggle on $1 a day while having their fishing paradise completely destroyed. Speaking out gets you killed. Sadly, this story does not shock me as I know this is reality. I hope the world does not turn a blind eye forever. Spread...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

John Stewart providing his public service

Again, why the MSM cannot perform this role, I do not know. It will bring in ratings. So, there must be some reason why they don't call out video contradictions from politicians and pundits. Allow this video to be the very definition of "viral."